Under our audit and accounting division offer the following services;

  • External Auditing
  • Internal Auditing Services
  • Forensic & Fraud Audit Services
  • Accountancy Services

External Auditing

M & A audit methodology execution revolves around business and audit risk assessment, effective planning and focusing of resources to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit. This provides the senior management with the confidence that audit of every area of operation is focused thoroughly and effectively.

Internal Auditing Services

With our experienced and technically reliable Internal Audit Services Team we support the management address risks within their organization and develop audit strategy that addresses the objectives of the internal audit on key risk areas within the organization. M&A assesses the effectiveness and structure of Internal Audit departments by designing and implement appropriate internal control systems to clients.  

Forensic & Fraud Audit Services

Our FFAS team handles a wide range of investigative work for our clients. The engagements involve investigations into the financial affairs of an entity and is often associated with investigations into alleged fraudulent activity.

M& A initially will review the background of any alleged financial impropriety to support clients unearth any wrongdoings through planning proper forensic audit programmes and plans. We design our programmes to effectively address current issues being investigated and offer futuristic risk embedded solutions when concluding the audits to mitigate future occurrences to such events.